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Chat keyboard shortcuts

To speed up your daily workflow and productivity, keyboard shortcuts can be very helpful.

By using them, you will save yourself some clicks and seconds while perfoming recurring tasks, such as opening a new chat, sending a media message, resolving a chat, and more.

In the following list of shortcuts, SHIFT refers to the "⬆" key in the bottom-left corner of your keyboard.

These shortcuts are available anywhere in Chat, and many of them apply to the conversation that is currently open. You will need to have the focus in the browser's window in order to properly use the shortcuts.

Search anything

Press keys SHIFT + F

Search anything across WhatsApp numbers, including messages, chats, contacts, files, notes, webhooks, users and help center articles.

Resolve / Unresolve Chat

Press keys SHIFT + R

Toggle active chat resolve/unresolve status.

Start new chat

Press keys SHIFT + A

Start a new chat with an existing contact or phone number.

Search chats, contacts and messages

Press keys SHIFT + S

Search anything across all WhatsApp numbers: messages, chats, contacts, files, notes, webhooks, users and help center articles.

Press keys SHIFT + Y

Search messages within the current chat. Only applicable if you are in a chat.

Send media

Press keys SHIFT + M

Send image or video media message to the current active chat.

Send document

Press keys SHIFT + D

Send document file to the current active chat.

Send contact

Press keys SHIFT + B

Send contact(s) to the current active chat.

Enable multi-line editor

Press keys SHIFT + L

Enable or disable multiple text messages on Enter key press.

Read chat on open

Press keys SHIFT + K

Enable or disable send read confirmation on open chat vs on reply with message.

Upload new file

Press keys SHIFT + G

Upload a new file to the platform from a remote URL or from the computer.

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